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Ashgrove Nursery School

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Address: Ashgrove Nursery School, Ashgrove Rd, Newtownabbey, County Antrim, BT36 6LJ

Phone: 028 9084 3178


Why Ashgrove Nursery School?


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Happy Children


  • Ashgrove Nursery School
    "Your support has been amazing. I have found you all so approachable. Always caring and inetested in helping. Everything is fantastic! Can Harry stay another year?"
  • Ashgrove Nursery School
    "Alfie has acheived many goals. They may seem small to most people, but they are huge for him!"
  • Ashgrove Nursery School
    "The child-led play approach is really good. Tom's idea of the castle developed into a great experience for him."
  • Ashgrove Nursery School
    "The Nursery is 'outstanding' in every area. You exceed and excell in all areas. I am delighted that my two girls have been through this Nursery and it has been a blessing to meet you all."
  • Ashgrove Nursery School
    "We are made to feel part of lots of decisions regarding the improvement of our child's learning and development."
  • Ashgrove Nursery School
    "We would like the opportunity to say how delighted and thankful we are for the love and care that Lule has received from the entire Ashgrove Nursery School Staff this year. It has surpassed our expectations and it has been a pleasure to be able to send Luke somewhere where he is so happy and has learned so much."
  • Ashgrove Nursery School
    "Mia has come on leaps and bounds with her confidence, vocabulary, numbers and general understanding of everyday life. She could not have had a better start to her education."
  • Ashgrove Nursery School
    "Josh has grown into an amazing little boy and it's thanks to you that he has achieved so much."