Ashgrove Nursery School

We see all of our outdoor area an extension of the learning environment at Ashgrove Nursery School.

Getting outside and enjoying the great Outdoors is a vital element of daily play at Ashgrove Nursery School!

Our Outdoor Classroom

We have a multitude of spaces here at Ashgrove Nursery School, planned with thought and precision, to provide opportunities to make connections with nature, to hide and seek, run and skip, climb and investigate, all of which enable our children to take measured risks, but in a safe and secure environment.

Our children can go on a bug hunt, slide down a hill, dig deep in the sand, jump in puddles, and create daisy chains… totally ‘mudlicious and puddle wonderful’ experiences!

Ashgrove Nursery School

An Extension of the Learning Environment

Every nook and cranny is full of intrigue and adventure, so that our children can have the freedom and space to explore and investigate at their own pace.

Such is the richness of experiences that one day they will use the resources to build a ship for pirates whilst the next, they are looking at a snail through a magnifying glass…

So where are our coats? Let’s get going…

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