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Our Ashgrove Nursery School Staff possess a wealth of knowledge, understanding and skills.

We work together as a team, with a shared, consistent, positive approach ensuring the self- esteem and development of each child is protected and strengthened.

Enhanced Police checks are carried out on all those working with our children.

Mrs Joanne Barr (B.Ed)


028 90843178

Mrs Barr has a four year teacher training degree specialising in early childhood education after ‘A’ levels.

Mrs Barr is the leader of the team. Her first priority is ‘her children’. She just can’t help herself and when you meet her, or if you know her already, you’ll know that the children of Ashgrove Nursery School come first.

She is a forward thinker, always creating something and driving forward change. She is determined to maximise the potential of each and every child in her care. Never in the same outfit twice (or so it seems), she carries off her impeccable sense of style (even when she displays additional fashion accessories such as paint in her hair or handmade pasta necklaces).

She is the original Little Miss Chatterbox, so you’ll definitely be kept up to date with what’s happening with your child and if you have a skill, Mrs Barr will make sure she knows what it is and ask you to help throughout the year. Every parent wants the best education for their child and under the care and education of Mrs Barr, that’s exactly what you’ll get!

Mrs Barr always reads us beautiful stories & takes good care of us. ~ Ruby

Mrs Gillian Parkinson (B.Ed)

Assistant Teacher

028 90843178

Mrs Parkinson has a four year teacher training degree specialising in early childhood education after ‘A’ levels.

Curly-haired Mrs Parkinson is second in command at Ashgrove Nursery School. She brings a steadying and nurturing influence to the running of the school. She knows each and every child by name (including brothers and sisters) and instantly recognises mums, dads, grandparents and child minders. You just feel safe leaving your ‘little one’ with Mrs Parkinson.

She loves to be down investigating with her children, seeing the potential and areas of interest for each and every child. She encourages children to explore and she’s always on the look out for great resources to use, including her recent acquisitions from a local car mechanic – a range of car wheel trims for outdoors! Her caring, considerate nature will make her a firm favourite with your family from the second you meet her.

I love Mrs Parkinson’s curly hair. It’s just like mine! ~ Zara

Mrs McCarey

Nursery Assistant

028 90843178

Mrs McCarey is the newest member of the Ashgrove Nursery Team. She already has 16 years experience in the field of Childcare and excited to be part of the high quality experiences which the children have here at our School. Hannah is also a qualified Gym Instructor with a personal interest in health and fitness. She has two children of her own and loves nothing better than spending time with them after a busy day at work!
Hannah has the potential to grow in knowledge as part of the brilliant Ashgrove Nursery School experience ~ Parent

Mrs Doak

Nursery Assistant

028 90843178

Mrs Doak is one of the staff who helps to get everything ready at the beginning of the day – so if you see her with a bucket of water in her hand – move out of her way!

As Nursery Assistant, she’s always willing to help and comes up with great suggestions and new ideas to help inspire our children to be as creative as they can be. Mrs Doak is a true team player.

She is someone you can absolutely trust and whether you’re a parent, a child or her colleague, she always has a listening ear. With her cheery disposition, Mrs Doak will bring a smile to your face.

Nothing is ever a problem for Mrs Doak!

Mrs Manger

Nursery Assistant

028 90843178

Mrs Manger, or ‘Mrs Angel’ as Rose used to call her, is one of our Nursery Assistants.

She creates the right balance between caring for the children she supports and giving them the freedom to find their independence.

She always has a sunny disposition which perhaps is why the children at Ashgrove tend to blossom and flourish.

Mrs Manger looks after the snack for the children, so if you can smell bread toasting in the kitchen, you know she will be there!

Mrs Manger has such a sunny disposition!

Mrs Compton

Nursery Assistant

028 90843178

If you could choose another grandparent for your child, Mrs Compton would fit the perfect criteria.

She lights up a room with her lovely smile and in a world where we can all find ourselves so busy, Mrs Compton sees nothing but the child she is playing with for the duration she is with them – 100% devotion.

That’s what makes her so great when she’s working with children who have additional needs. Her patience, love and kindness are outstanding qualities and her caring nature extends beyond school and into other areas of her life.

She is a gem and a huge asset to the school!

Mrs Wilson

Nursery Assistant

028 90843178

Mrs Wilson is always on the go! Never a minute to waste!

A busy mum of five – what a wealth of family experience to bring to Ashgrove!

Always willing to go that extra mile – such a support to the school.

Five kids Mrs Wilson! Always on the go!

Mrs Kyle

School Clerical Officer

028 90843178

The first point of call at Ashgrove Nursery School is Mrs Kyle.

She’ll probably be the initial person you meet when you hand in your application form or have a query and her attention to detail ensures that you get what you need, when you need it.

She’ll be the person with the friendly smile at the beginning of each session – sometimes that’s all you need when you’ve had a crazy time trying to get hair pulled into bobbles, telling your child that it’s ok to leave you and go to school or asking for teeth to be brushed 10 times!

The friendly face at the door at the beginning of each session!

Mr Henry

Building Supervisor

028 90843178

Our secret cleaning hero, Mr Henry, gets to work using his super powers to get the school ready for the next day once the children have gone home.

Although none of the children really get to see him in action, they certainly benefit from his care and attention to detail in making our school sparkling and bright!

Can you imagine cleaning and tidying up after 78 children?! No mean feat!

No, he’s not available for home tasks!

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