Ashgrove Nursery School

Ashgrove Nursery School is a purpose-built school.

We view our Nursery School as a ‘home from home’ and as such, a warm welcome is waiting for you from the Entrance Hall right into both of the purpose built Classrooms. Our learning environment is created and resourced in order to set a climate of purposeful and challenging learning, whilst at the same time, encouraging children to have fun in playful learning!

Mrs Gillian Parkinson (B.Ed) – Principal


Staff use a thoughtful approach to planning for learning, offering both natural and commercially produced resources, located in a variety of areas throughout the Nursery School.

Opportunities are created for building, using malleable materials, role play, technology, arts and crafts….and so much more! All designed to stimulate and awaken the children’s curiosity for learning.

We also have a Veranda which extends the full width of the indoor building. Here, the children are provided with even more sensory, scientific and imaginative play resources, such as sand, water, props and tools in order to enhance the children’s ideas and support them in learning new skills.


Why Ashgrove Nursery School?


Years of Experience


Qualified Staff


Happy Children

Ashgrove Nursery School


The Link Room’ has been created to facilitate small group and one-to-one individual work in a quiet environment. It also facilitates the focused planning of staff and acts as a Parents Room when required.

Even our toilet facilities are quirky and interesting! They are easily accessible from both Classrooms and are designed to encourage good habits of hygiene and also build self-care and independence skills along the way.

Our Learning Environment changes all the time, always acting as the ‘third teacher’, inviting possibilities to develop the children’s ideas.

At Ashgrove Nursery, we believe that the stimulating, child centred surroundings we provide, encourage the children at our School to be motivated, life-long learners!


"Your support has been amazing. I have found you all so approachable. Always caring and inetested in helping. Everything is fantastic! Can Harry stay another year?"

Harry’s Mum


"Alfie has acheived many goals. They may seem small to most people, but they are huge for him!"

Alfie's Mum


"The child-led play approach is really good. Tom's idea of the castle developed into a great experience for him."

Tom’s Mum



The care and welfare of the children at Ashgrove Nursery School is a key priority for Staff throughout the whole learning environment.


We have two classrooms and two quiet room areas, both set a climate of purposeful learning.

Entrance Hall

Parents’ area where reference books, policies and information leaflets can be accessed.


Real, natural and commercial resources are used to support learning in meaningful ways.


The children at Ashgrove Nursery School get to grips with technology to support all of their active learning experiences where relevant.