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Mad Hatters Tea Party

happy last day of school

Summer Holiday!

Ashgrove Nursery School

Business as Usual

Nursery School will be open again on Thursday 18th January 2018 at the usual times. […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

School closure due to adverse weather conditions

The Nursery School will be closed on Wednesday 17th January 2018 for all sessions. This […]

Application Process for Academic Year September 2018 – June 2019

Intake for the academic year 18/19 includes children whose birthday falls between 2 July 2014 […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Half Term Break

Nursery School will be closed from Monday 30th October – Monday 6th November 2017 (inclusive […]

Dress Up Day

Our Hallowe’en Dress Up Day takes place on Friday 27th October 2017. Children should come […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

School Closure 17/10/17 – Latest News

Tuesday 17th October 2017 Nursery will be closed tomorrow Tuesday 17th October 2017 following the […]

Stage 2 Offer of Places

Letters offering places to children at Stage 2 of Open Enrolment will be posted first […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Offers of places for Academic Year 17/18

Stage 1 letters offering places for Pre-School age children starting this Nursery School in September 2017, have been posted […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Vacancy ~ DE representative on Board of Governors

We currently have a vacancy for a DE representative on our Board of Governors. If […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Easter Break

Reminder of Easter Break: Nursery School will be closed on Monday 10th April 2017 for Staff Training […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Reminder ~ Closed for Election Day

Just to remind everyone that Nursery School is closed for Election Day ~ 2nd March […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Reminder ~ Half Term

Just to remind everyone that Nursery School is closed for Half Term Break from Tuesday 14th to Friday […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Intake for Academic Year 17/18

Just a reminder that all appliactions for the Academic Year 17/18 need to be returned […]

Santa Visits Nursery School!

Not even the wind and the rain could dampen the children’s spirits when Santa came […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

World of Owls Visit

There was much flapping when Mike came along to Nursery School with all of his […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Half Term Break and Staff Training

Don’t forget – Nursery School will be closed for Half Term Break on Monday 31st October […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Reminder ~ Staff Training

Just to remind everyone that Nursery School is closed for Staff Training on Friday 30th […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Coffee Day for Street Children of Uganda

Coffee morning – 9.00-9.45 a.m. and afternoon 12.15-1.00 p.m. Thursday 29th September To raise funds […]

New Term Begins!

Welcome to all our new children starting with us in September 2016. We hope that […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Our Thanks!

Many thanks for the lovely gifts we received on the last day of term. Staff […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Notice for Parents of Children Offered Places for Academic Year 2016/17

Our Induction Evening, for parents of those children offered a place for the Academic Year 2016/17, […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Intake for Academic Year 16/17

Letters offering places for Pre-School age children starting Nursery in September 2016, have been allocated both at Stage 1 […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Easter Break

Reminder of Easter Break: Nursery School closed from Tuesday 22nd March and re-opens at usual […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Reminder ~ Half Term Break

Just to remind everyone that Nursery School is closed for Staff Training on Friday 12th […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

We hope you like our new look! 

Over the Christmas break, a number of our trees had to come down at the […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Streamvale Roadshow Visits Ashgrove Nursery!

There was great excitement when the Roadshow came to visit our school. The rooster just […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Macmillan Cancer Get Together

Many thanks to all those parents and friends who supported our Get Together on Friday […]

Full Time Class School Meals

Home Time for Full Time Children w/c 5th October will be 1:30 p.m. Dinner routine […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

New School Term Begins…….

The first term of the academic year 2015/16 begins on Tuesday 1st September 2015. Make […]

Super Sports at Nursery School!

Well, the weather held, and we didn’t get blown away……. The air was filled with […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Zumba Maddness!

Wiggle to the left…..wiggle to the right… fact, wiggle whatever way you like! We were […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Down on the Farm……..

We had a ball at our visit to Streamvale Farm. There were animals everywhere!! Chicks, […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

It’s a Bug’s Life!

So……..Mrs Parkinson loves her bugs and she has to share this delight with the children. […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Welcome to school Mrs Kyle

Last week our new Secretary Mrs Kyle joined our school. We were delighted to see […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Jo Jingles

Jo Jingles After School Sessions: Thursday 23rd April Thursday 30th April Thursday 14th May 3:15 p.m. […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Offers of Places for Academic Year 2015/16

Letters offering places for September 2015 were sent out by first class post on Friday 17th […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Keeping Safe!

A great opportunity for encouraging our children to keep safe, took place at Nursery this […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

A Hullaballoo at Ashgrove Nursery School!

What a Hullaballoo when ‘Mr Hullaballoo’ brought his unique style of storytelling to our Nursery […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Magic in the air………!

The air was full of magic when Trevor Price the Magician came to Nursery School […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Some Children Are Worth Melting For…….

At last there was enough snow to build a Snowman! Hurray!!! In fact, we went […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Do you want to build a Snowman…….?

Well….the snow arrived at last! We just couldn’t wait to get out into it! The […]

Stay and Play Days

Our ‘Stay and Play’ Days took place this term. This was an opportunity parents or […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Applications for Academic Year 2015/16

Due to increased demand, an additional Open Afternoon for parents of those children who are […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Yummy Christmas Pudding!

We had such fun baking our Christmas Puddings this week in Nursery School with Bethany’s […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Dress Up Day!

Not even the wet weather could dampen the children’s enthusiasm for the Fancy Dress Day at […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Ashgrove Bake Off!

Flour, butter, eggs and apples were all on the go when Bethany’s mum came to […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Ghosties on the Go!

Well……Hallowe’en always brings lots of hard questions in Nursery School and there had been lots […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Twit…Twooo! Owls at Ashgrove!

What excitement as the Nursery was filled with the swooping of wings and the blinking […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Water Feature ready for Action!

At last our new Water System has arrived! The children are loving it already…..with lots […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

News Bulletin Out Now!

The News Bulletin for October 2014 has now been published. Extra paper copies are available […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Settling In Time!

Well….so far….so good! The children are all doing just great and are really appearing to […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

From Pirates to Princesses……

It was an emotional last day for everyone at Ashgrove Nursery School. The day began […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Major Award for Development of Ashgrove Nursery School Outdoor Facilities!

We are delighted to be able to announce that our Nursery School has been successful […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Cuddly Toys’ Perfect Picnic Party!

The Cuddly Toys belonging to the children of Ashgrove Nursery had a great day out […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

New births at Ashgrove!

There was great excitement when the children came into Nursery today! Our butterflies had finally […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Farmyard Fun!

What a day! The sun shone as 2 buses and 78 excited children headed off […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s off to Sports we go!

Well, would you believe it? The sun shone and we had our Novelty Sports day […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Novelty Sports Day!

Our Annual Novelty Sports Day takes place on Wednesday 28th May 2014, weather permitting! This […]

Let’s Get Cracking

Eggs, eggs everywhere. We explored the properties of eggs, rolled, painted and cooked. We even […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Hippity, Hoppity, Bunny Day

Right from the beginning of the day, there were bunny rabbits everywhere at Nursery School! […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

VIP Movie Day!

All our VIP children were warmly welcomed by The Movie House, Glengormley on the last […]

An ‘Egg’citing Day!

There were eggs in abundance for Easter at Ashgrove! We dyed them, we boiled them, […]

The Mystery of the Jelly Beans!

And so it was……the jelly beans had grown into lollipops! What a surprise….and a delight, […]

Emergency 999!

The children of Ashgrove Nursery had a real sense of excitement when a HUGE Fire […]

Heavenly Hair Salon!

There were no appointments left at the Heavenly Hair Salon at Ashgrove on Wednesday! Finn’s […]

The Pebble Family Moves In!

Ashgrove Nursery School is involved in a Cross Community Project which enables a local Artist […]

Minibeast Mansion is now open for business!

Minibeasts all over Newtownabbey are talking about the new accommodation available for all sorts of […]

Pancake Party with a twist!

The Creperie at Ashgrove led to much weighing, mixing, flipping and tasting. Mrs Parkinson was […]

Stay and Play Days at Ashgrove Nursery School

We have been really delighted that so many of our families have come to share […]

Pretty In Pink & Rascals in Red

The children of Ashgrove Nursery School were able to ‘freestyle’ at our party on Valentine’s […]

Feel part of our school family

Watch our latest Whiteboard animation. Join us for a bag pack at Tesco Northcott on […]

Bathtime for baby Darcey

There were bubbles and powder in abundance when baby Darcey had her bathtime at Nursery […]

Our school is our Castle!

There was much building, painting, stamping and sticking when the children decided that we needed […]

Help us build a Minibeast Mansion

Over the next few weeks we’ll be getting to work on an exciting new project […]

Small Groups

  Such excitement as the shaker tells the children that it is time for Small […]

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Many thanks for all the charity donations and gifts to staff at Christmas. We so […]

Winter Wonderland!

Even the rain couldn’t dampen the children’s spirits when the North Pole came to Newtownabbey! […]

Dress to Impress!

Wow! What little stunners! On the last day of term, staff were bowled over by […]

Christmas Sing-Along!

There was great excitement throughout Carnmoney when the children got to show off their musical […]

Movie Night at Ashgrove!

There were lots of onsies (and twosies) at Ashgrove for the Christmas Movie Night! The […]

Deck the Halls!

There was great excitement when Mr Large delivered our Christmas tree to Nursery School. Much […]

Long Distance Lorry drives into Nursery School!

What a surprise! As we looked out of the Quiet Room window, Christina’s grandad drew […]

Chug, Chug, Chugging Along!

Well…..what a surprise! A digger, tractor and trailer in the Nursery School carpark! We so […]

Working at the Car Wash!!

Well . . . would you believe it! Mrs Compton’s car was really filthy dirty […]

Useful links for children’s language development

At Ashgrove Nursery one of our core objectives is language development. Can you remember the […]

It’s a Wonderful World!

On the 30th of October we had a special visit from the ‘World of Owls’. […]

From Dora the Explorer to Infinity and Beyond!

We became all kinds of interesting characters for Dress Up Day. So were kind of […]