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Intake for Academic Year 2018/2019

Letters offering places for the incoming Ashgrove Nursery School year, have been confirmed. We are […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Business as Usual

Nursery School will be open again on Thursday 18th January 2018 at the usual times. […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

School closure due to adverse weather conditions

The Nursery School will be closed on Wednesday 17th January 2018 for all sessions. This […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Application Process for Academic Year September 2018 – June 2019

Intake for the academic year 18/19 includes children whose birthday falls between 2 July 2014 […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Nursery School Visiting Opportunities for Intake 2018/’19

An Open Evening for parents of those children wishing to apply for a place for the Academic […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Half Term Break

Nursery School will be closed from Monday 30th October – Monday 6th November 2017 (inclusive […]

Dress Up Day

Our Hallowe’en Dress Up Day takes place on Friday 27th October 2017. Children should come […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

School Closure 17/10/17 – Latest News

Tuesday 17th October 2017 Nursery will be closed tomorrow Tuesday 17th October 2017 following the […]

Stage 2 Offer of Places

Letters offering places to children at Stage 2 of Open Enrolment will be posted first […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Offers of places for Academic Year 17/18

Stage 1 letters offering places for Pre-School age children starting this Nursery School in September 2017, have been posted […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Vacancy ~ DE representative on Board of Governors

We currently have a vacancy for a DE representative on our Board of Governors. If […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Easter Break

Reminder of Easter Break: Nursery School will be closed on Monday 10th April 2017 for Staff Training […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Reminder ~ Closed for Election Day

Just to remind everyone that Nursery School is closed for Election Day ~ 2nd March […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Reminder ~ Half Term

Just to remind everyone that Nursery School is closed for Half Term Break from Tuesday 14th to Friday […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Intake for Academic Year 17/18

Just a reminder that all appliactions for the Academic Year 17/18 need to be returned […]

Santa Visits Nursery School!

Not even the wind and the rain could dampen the children’s spirits when Santa came […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

World of Owls Visit

There was much flapping when Mike came along to Nursery School with all of his […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Half Term Break and Staff Training

Don’t forget – Nursery School will be closed for Half Term Break on Monday 31st October […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Reminder ~ Staff Training

Just to remind everyone that Nursery School is closed for Staff Training on Friday 30th […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Coffee Day for Street Children of Uganda

Coffee morning – 9.00-9.45 a.m. and afternoon 12.15-1.00 p.m. Thursday 29th September To raise funds […]

New Term Begins!

Welcome to all our new children starting with us in September 2016. We hope that […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Our Thanks!

Many thanks for the lovely gifts we received on the last day of term. Staff […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Notice for Parents of Children Offered Places for Academic Year 2016/17

Our Induction Evening, for parents of those children offered a place for the Academic Year 2016/17, […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Intake for Academic Year 16/17

Letters offering places for Pre-School age children starting Nursery in September 2016, have been allocated both at Stage 1 […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Easter Break

Reminder of Easter Break: Nursery School closed from Tuesday 22nd March and re-opens at usual […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Reminder ~ Half Term Break

Just to remind everyone that Nursery School is closed for Staff Training on Friday 12th […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

We hope you like our new look! 

Over the Christmas break, a number of our trees had to come down at the […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Streamvale Roadshow Visits Ashgrove Nursery!

There was great excitement when the Roadshow came to visit our school. The rooster just […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Macmillan Cancer Get Together

Many thanks to all those parents and friends who supported our Get Together on Friday […]

Full Time Class School Meals

Home Time for Full Time Children w/c 5th October will be 1:30 p.m. Dinner routine […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

New School Term Begins…….

The first term of the academic year 2015/16 begins on Tuesday 1st September 2015. Make […]

Super Sports at Nursery School!

Well, the weather held, and we didn’t get blown away……. The air was filled with […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Zumba Maddness!

Wiggle to the left…..wiggle to the right… fact, wiggle whatever way you like! We were […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Down on the Farm……..

We had a ball at our visit to Streamvale Farm. There were animals everywhere!! Chicks, […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

It’s a Bug’s Life!

So……..Mrs Parkinson loves her bugs and she has to share this delight with the children. […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Welcome to school Mrs Kyle

Last week our new Secretary Mrs Kyle joined our school. We were delighted to see […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Jo Jingles

Jo Jingles After School Sessions: Thursday 23rd April Thursday 30th April Thursday 14th May 3:15 p.m. […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Offers of Places for Academic Year 2015/16

Letters offering places for September 2015 were sent out by first class post on Friday 17th […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Keeping Safe!

A great opportunity for encouraging our children to keep safe, took place at Nursery this […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

A Hullaballoo at Ashgrove Nursery School!

What a Hullaballoo when ‘Mr Hullaballoo’ brought his unique style of storytelling to our Nursery […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Magic in the air………!

The air was full of magic when Trevor Price the Magician came to Nursery School […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Some Children Are Worth Melting For…….

At last there was enough snow to build a Snowman! Hurray!!! In fact, we went […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Do you want to build a Snowman…….?

Well….the snow arrived at last! We just couldn’t wait to get out into it! The […]

Stay and Play Days

Our ‘Stay and Play’ Days took place this term. This was an opportunity parents or […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Applications for Academic Year 2015/16

Due to increased demand, an additional Open Afternoon for parents of those children who are […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Yummy Christmas Pudding!

We had such fun baking our Christmas Puddings this week in Nursery School with Bethany’s […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Dress Up Day!

Not even the wet weather could dampen the children’s enthusiasm for the Fancy Dress Day at […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Ashgrove Bake Off!

Flour, butter, eggs and apples were all on the go when Bethany’s mum came to […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Ghosties on the Go!

Well……Hallowe’en always brings lots of hard questions in Nursery School and there had been lots […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Twit…Twooo! Owls at Ashgrove!

What excitement as the Nursery was filled with the swooping of wings and the blinking […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Water Feature ready for Action!

At last our new Water System has arrived! The children are loving it already…..with lots […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

News Bulletin Out Now!

The News Bulletin for October 2014 has now been published. Extra paper copies are available […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Settling In Time!

Well….so far….so good! The children are all doing just great and are really appearing to […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

From Pirates to Princesses……

It was an emotional last day for everyone at Ashgrove Nursery School. The day began […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Major Award for Development of Ashgrove Nursery School Outdoor Facilities!

We are delighted to be able to announce that our Nursery School has been successful […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Cuddly Toys’ Perfect Picnic Party!

The Cuddly Toys belonging to the children of Ashgrove Nursery had a great day out […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

New births at Ashgrove!

There was great excitement when the children came into Nursery today! Our butterflies had finally […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Farmyard Fun!

What a day! The sun shone as 2 buses and 78 excited children headed off […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s off to Sports we go!

Well, would you believe it? The sun shone and we had our Novelty Sports day […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Novelty Sports Day!

Our Annual Novelty Sports Day takes place on Wednesday 28th May 2014, weather permitting! This […]

Let’s Get Cracking

Eggs, eggs everywhere. We explored the properties of eggs, rolled, painted and cooked. We even […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

Hippity, Hoppity, Bunny Day

Right from the beginning of the day, there were bunny rabbits everywhere at Nursery School! […]
Ashgrove Nursery School

VIP Movie Day!

All our VIP children were warmly welcomed by The Movie House, Glengormley on the last […]

An ‘Egg’citing Day!

There were eggs in abundance for Easter at Ashgrove! We dyed them, we boiled them, […]

The Mystery of the Jelly Beans!

And so it was……the jelly beans had grown into lollipops! What a surprise….and a delight, […]

Emergency 999!

The children of Ashgrove Nursery had a real sense of excitement when a HUGE Fire […]

Heavenly Hair Salon!

There were no appointments left at the Heavenly Hair Salon at Ashgrove on Wednesday! Finn’s […]

The Pebble Family Moves In!

Ashgrove Nursery School is involved in a Cross Community Project which enables a local Artist […]

Minibeast Mansion is now open for business!

Minibeasts all over Newtownabbey are talking about the new accommodation available for all sorts of […]

Pancake Party with a twist!

The Creperie at Ashgrove led to much weighing, mixing, flipping and tasting. Mrs Parkinson was […]

Stay and Play Days at Ashgrove Nursery School

We have been really delighted that so many of our families have come to share […]

Pretty In Pink & Rascals in Red

The children of Ashgrove Nursery School were able to ‘freestyle’ at our party on Valentine’s […]

Feel part of our school family

Watch our latest Whiteboard animation. Join us for a bag pack at Tesco Northcott on […]

Bathtime for baby Darcey

There were bubbles and powder in abundance when baby Darcey had her bathtime at Nursery […]

Our school is our Castle!

There was much building, painting, stamping and sticking when the children decided that we needed […]

Help us build a Minibeast Mansion

Over the next few weeks we’ll be getting to work on an exciting new project […]

Small Groups

  Such excitement as the shaker tells the children that it is time for Small […]

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Many thanks for all the charity donations and gifts to staff at Christmas. We so […]

Winter Wonderland!

Even the rain couldn’t dampen the children’s spirits when the North Pole came to Newtownabbey! […]

Dress to Impress!

Wow! What little stunners! On the last day of term, staff were bowled over by […]

Christmas Sing-Along!

There was great excitement throughout Carnmoney when the children got to show off their musical […]

Movie Night at Ashgrove!

There were lots of onsies (and twosies) at Ashgrove for the Christmas Movie Night! The […]

Deck the Halls!

There was great excitement when Mr Large delivered our Christmas tree to Nursery School. Much […]

Long Distance Lorry drives into Nursery School!

What a surprise! As we looked out of the Quiet Room window, Christina’s grandad drew […]

Chug, Chug, Chugging Along!

Well…..what a surprise! A digger, tractor and trailer in the Nursery School carpark! We so […]

Working at the Car Wash!!

Well . . . would you believe it! Mrs Compton’s car was really filthy dirty […]

Useful links for children’s language development

At Ashgrove Nursery one of our core objectives is language development. Can you remember the […]

It’s a Wonderful World!

On the 30th of October we had a special visit from the ‘World of Owls’. […]

From Dora the Explorer to Infinity and Beyond!

We became all kinds of interesting characters for Dress Up Day. So were kind of […]