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The Pebble Family Moves In!

Ashgrove Nursery School is involved in a Cross Community Project which enables a local Artist to come and work with the children to develop their creative skills, whilst making friends with other children from a different school (more to come……!). In this instance, we wanted the children to have the opportunity to investigate and explore, not only different types of creative techniques, but also to make use of the natural resources available in the Nursery Garden……and so the Pebble family began! The children’s work is available for all to share outside our school building. Take time to look and see if you can find the work of any child you know at Ashgrove, but leave the family there!  Like us, they have become good friends already and would be lost without each other. We hope you enjoy the spectacle! Not every Nursery School can boast 78 new members, created in just two days!