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Our staff possesses a wealth of knowledge, understanding and skills.

We work together as a team, with a shared, consistent, positive approach ensuring the self- esteem and development of each child is protected and strengthened.

Enhanced Police checks are carried out on all those working with our children.

Mrs Joanne Barr (B.Ed) ~ School Principal

Mrs Barr has a four year teacher training degree specialising in early childhood education after ‘A’ levels.

Mrs Barr is the leader of the team. Her first priority is ‘her children’. She just can’t help herself and when you meet her, or if you know her already, you’ll know that the children of Ashgrove Nursery School come first. She is a forward thinker, always creating something and driving forward change.

Mrs Barr always reads us beautiful stories & takes good care of us. ~ Ruby

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Mrs Gillian Parkinson (B.Ed) ~ Assistant Teacher

Mrs Gillian ParkinsonMrs Parkinson has a four year teacher training degree specialising in early childhood education after ‘A’ levels.

I love Mrs Parkinson’s curly hair. It’s just like mine! ~ Zara

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Mrs Compton (NVQ3) ~ Nursery Assistant

If you could choose another grandparent for your child, Mrs Compton would fit the perfect criteria.

I love picking flowers with Mrs Compton. ~ Ella

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Mrs Agnew (NVQ Advanced Diploma/Early Years Degree) ~ Nursery Assistant

‘Assistant’ doesn’t aptly describe Mrs Agnew – she is so much more; she’s such a core part of the Nursery…

Mrs Agnew gives us the thumbs up and she can’t bake! ~ Emma

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Mrs Doak (NVQ3) ~ Nursery Assistant

As Nursery Assistant, she’s always willing to help and comes up with great suggestions and new ideas to help inspire our children to be as creative as they can be.

Mrs Doak is good at small groups and makes lovely things with us! ~ Amy

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Mrs Boal (NNEB Diploma in Nursery Nursing) ~ Nursery Assistant

Sonya Boal is a member of the very friendly and hardworking staff in Ashgrove Nursery School.

Mrs Boal is nice and lovely. She makes cheese wraps with us! ~ Olivia

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Mrs Manger (NNEB Diploma in Nursery Nursing/National Nursery Examinations Board Assessor) ~ Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Manger, or ‘Mrs Angel’ as Rose calls her, is one of our regular Learning Support Assistants.

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Mrs Wilson ~ Learning Support / General Assistant

Mrs Wilson is always on the go! Never a minute to waste!

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Mrs Kyle ~ School Secretary

The first point of call at Ashgrove Nursery School is Mrs Kyle.

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Board Of Governors

  • DEPT OF EDUCATION REPRESENTATIVES: Mrs H Bowman (Vice Chairperson), Vacancy
  • PARENT REPRESENTATIVES: Mr M Shannon (Chairperson), Mrs K Kidd

One of my children attended the school in recent years and I wanted to play a more activate part with the dynamic and forward-thinking educators that make up the School team. Their passion for child learning and development is second to none. When I hear them talk about ‘our kids’, it makes me smile but I’ve had to remind them that the children don’t actually belong to them and they have to send them home each day.
Helen Bowman, Governor