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Mrs Gillian Parkinson (B.Ed) ~ Assistant Teacher

Mrs Gillian ParkinsonMrs Parkinson has a four year teacher training degree specialising in early childhood education after ‘A’ levels.

Curly-haired Mrs Parkinson is second in command at Ashgrove Nursery School. She brings a steadying and nurturing influence to the running of the school. She knows each and every child by name (including brothers and sisters) and instantly recognises mums, dads, grandparents and child minders. You just feel safe leaving your ‘little one’ with Mrs Parkinson.

She loves to be down investigating with her children, seeing the potential and areas of interest for each and every child. She encourages children to explore and she’s always on the look out for great resources to use, including her recent acquisitions from a local car mechanic – a range of car wheel trims for outdoors! Her caring, considerate nature will make her a firm favourite with your family from the second you meet her.

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