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Learning Together

Friends Like These . . .

Making friends and building relationships with others is fundamental to all that we provide in our Nursery School…Learn More

Out & About!

Say hello to runner beans not couch potatoes!…Learn More

Time for a Chat!

We truly love our children to chat! Those ‘But why?’ questions which can drive parents mad ~ fill us with delight!…Learn More

Maths is Everywhere!

Sorting and matching, counting and measuring – opportunities are there for it all ~ and more!!…Learn More

Sing, Make & Play!

In our Nursery we really encourage the children to express their own thoughts, ideas and feelings in a range of ways…Learn More

Exploring & Investigating

So much to do . . . and so little time to do it!!! We encourage the children to develop all of their senses, because the more they use them, the more they can learn!…Learn More