Outdoors ~ Page 2

The ‘Outdoor Classroom’ with log seats and table is a good space for a story. Everyone can gather around and take their turn to read with the teacher, whilst others learn to listen and enjoy the tale.

‘Get stuck in’ – that’s the motto when you play in the Seasonal flowerbeds. Grab a trowel or rake and have a go at planting something that will grow. Every sprouting flower bed brings something new to discover. When the flowers bloom, our outdoor space is bursting with colour.

Dig, dig, digging and splash, splash, splashing – our sand and water opportunities encourage our children to investigate and discover.

Our specially designed play park is created in such a way that it caters for all abilities. Have a go on the rockers, climb a wall or find your way through tunnels – you’ll never be bored.

Tarmac – boring? Not at Ashgrove. We’ve a treasure trove of goodies to help our kids keep active and entertained. Portable toys such as tricycles, tractors, scooters, go-carts and prams, as well as a few unique obstacles to negotiate make this the ideal way to learn spacial awareness, give and take and even have a race or two.