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Outdoors . . . The Richest Classroom

We see all of our outdoor area an extension of the learning environment. This is our ‘outdoor classroom’! Outdoor resources have been progressively developed over the past number of years and now include a wide range of features. Our equipment is safely housed in secure stores and we are always on the look out for ideas to enhance our outdoor space.

Exploring Nature is a vital element of our outdoor space. Learning about biodiversity, listening and watching for birds and capturing what they see on camera is a fun way to develop listening skills and become more alert to the world around us.

Playing ‘house’ in the cottage provides scope for a wealth of purposeful and imaginative play. It’s amazing to hear their stories.

Hide and Seek has been a firm favourite of children for decades and its just as much fun in the 21st Century. There are lots of places to hide and you’ll hear the squeals of delight when friends are found.

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